Key Platform Features

Sypher is a software platform that helps you find and fill gaps in your organization's ability to demonstrate and maintain compliance with privacy principles.

It breaks your analysis into chapters and tasks, provides a detailed action plan for the entire process and allows you to get a clear understanding of progress and what still needs to be done.

Sypher collects and organizes information, builds a clear picture of the overall progress, and allows the privacy team to focus where it matters.

Verify and update your ROPA

Simplified mapping interface Sypher Suite has a simplified interface for colleagues that are not part of the core compliance team. Tasks come with instructions, examples and suggestions and are designed so people can answer them quickly, with minimal interference on their normal responsibilities.
Register validation

Building your analysis on incomplete or incorrect information can result in processing activities conducted without proper lawful basis or documentation, often discovered only when a problem arises.

Our validation engine combines and analyses information from multiple sources to help identify common errors and omissions and to provide mapping suggestions.

Visual map

Trying to understand how you use personal data by reading a spreadsheet is like driving by looking at a list of GPS coordinates. It’s easier to get lost than to get where you want.

Sypher Suite generates a real-time visual map of your processes and activities that allows you to search, edit and filter and can be exported in various formats.

Register versioning Data mapping and documentation will need periodic revisiting and updates. Sypher makes it easy to schedule reviews and keeps a history of previous register versions.
Register progress Progress analysis for each processing activity, indicating any missing information from the register
Formal process for verification and approval With many people submitting and changing information on a regular basis it's way too easy to end up not knowing what was approved or not. Sypher is designed to make sure every change in key areas gets through a review and approval process.
Customisable register export Configure the register structure and export the records in spreadsheet form or as a pdf

Document and demonstrate compliance

Step-by-step guidance The built-in project plan provides step-by-step guidance to collect the information needed to analyse and document the lawfulness and security of your processing activities and create the documentation required to demonstrate accountability.
DPO dashboard The place to see, search, order by status or risk score, check progress or allocate every data processing activity that requires attention.
Smart privacy notices Create privacy notices that monitor your records of processing activities, detect relevant changes, reopen, notify the person responsible and show them the content that requires updating.
Vendor & partner management Keep track of contracts, DPAs, security assessments and more.
Custom questionnaires Define custom questionnaires for further analysis
Integrity and confidentiality analysis Create an in-depth inventory of data supporting assets, assess risks and document security controls
DPIA Support Sypher gradually collects the information needed to analyze and document each processing activity's lawfulness and create an in-depth inventory of data supporting assets and security controls. It then automatically calculates and presents a risk score for each activity. The underlying information is readily available for export and analysis if you decide a DPIA is needed.
Compliance documentation progress Each processing activity is analysed to determine progress in collecting the information needed to assess compliance with fundamental rights and principles and the management of data privacy risks.

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Project management

Migration tools Migration to and from the platform is easier with the built-in export and import tools that allow you to process and extract the information in spreadsheet form.
Project validation tool Someone went on holiday and forgot to finish their tasks mapping? A new contract with a company never made it into the documentation? This is where the needles in the haystack can be found before they become a pain in the foot.
Information and collaboration tools, internal project messaging, message history and notifications Enable people from multiple departments and companies to exchange messages, see who is doing what and participate in solving tasks.
Automatic task generation and task list for each user in the project Every time new information is added in the platform a task is automatically created and assigned including dependencies to other existing tasks. Tasks automatically update or close to match the status and owner of each item.
Multiple language interface Sypher Suite is a multilanguage platform by default. Users can work and enter data in the language required by the local data protection authority. Reports however can be exported in your group reference language.

Additional features

Data breach registry Keep a record of data breaches and notify them to authorities if required
Data subject requests manager Missing the deadline for a data subject request DSR will expose you to complaints to the local data protection authority. Sypher allows you to define custom specific steps to be completed when processing a data subject request, tracks all open requests and notifies you if the deadline is approaching. You can also use the visual map and register filtering to identify the specific processing activities relevant to each request.
Group model projects With Sypher you get a clear picture of progress and everything that needs to be done, no matter how many projects you supervise. Model projects and guided data mapping can standardise the vocabulary and methodology used in multiple companies so reports can be centralised and analysed much easier. And built-in collaboration tools enable efficient work across multiple teams, including external advisers.
API Push and pull information from your ERP or other software directly into the platform.
Dedicated instance Only your company project(s) will be installed on the instance.
Instance administration & update Regular deployment of platform and security updates to keep the instance aligned with the cloud version features
Select the infrastructure providers Use your own servers or choose a private cloud configuration (with “Private cloud hosting” option).
Customized forms/ register Personalize the forms and register format
Active Directory/LDAP authentication LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol) can be used to authenticate end users who access Sypher Suite with a directory server such as Microsoft Active Directory, OpenLDAP or Azure Active Directory. Secure LDAP, also known as 'Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) over Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) / Transport Layer Security (TLS)' is supported.
Custom security Implement your own organization firewall/security rules

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