Virtual GDPR Assistant for the Privacy Team

Sypher is a software platform that helps privacy professionals collect, organize and review the information needed to assess, document, and maintain GDPR compliance.

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Find and fill GDPR compliance gaps

Sypher's 3D validation engine combines information from multiple sources to provide suggestions that can help you identify common errors or omissions.

Make it easy for everyone to support compliance

Sypher has a friendly interface with tooltips, suggestions, and examples that make it easy for your colleagues to learn basic privacy management concepts and provide information about their department processes and activities.

Stay in control

No matter how many projects you’re supervising, you’ll always see the big picture. The built in project plan provides step-by-step platform guidance and helps you keep track of everything that needs to be done.

Feeling uneasy about GDRP compliance?

Take this anonymous 10 minutes GDPR readiness self-assessment to find out what you might be missing

Work more effectively

Sypher acts as a central repository for everything related to privacy management and includes tools to boost your team's effectiveness.

Create, verify, and update your GDPR register

Sypher automatically checks your register of processing activities for missing information or potential errors and shows suggestions to improve it.

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Document compliance with GDPR principles

The built-in project plan provides step-by-step guidance to collect and analyze the information needed to document compliance with GDPR principles.

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Conduct Data Protection Impact Assessments

Sypher automatically calculates and presents a risk score for each activity. The underlying information is readily available for export and analysis if you decide a DPIA is needed.

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Manage data subjects’ requests

Missing the deadline for a data subject request can lead to an official complaint. Sypher Suite tracks all open requests and notifies you if the deadline is approaching.

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