Everything and everyone in one place

Regardless of the size of the project or how many projects you’re currently working on, Sypher Suite means you’ll always get a clear and complete picture of everything happening with them all.

Model projects and guided data mapping standardise the vocabulary and the methodology used in multiple companies, meaning your reports can be centralised and analysed much more easily.

Furthermore, inbuilt collaboration tools allow for more efficient working with external advisors.

Key Features

  • Automated task management

    Every time you add new information into the software platform a task is automatically created and assigned, including any dependencies on other existing tasks.

    Tasks automatically update or close in order to match the status and owner of each item.

    This ensures that, regardless of how large your project is, every single action that needs to be undertaken is accounted for.

  • Information and collaboration tools

    It’s not only the compliance department who works on compliance; many teams are involved in the process.

    Sypher Suite enables associates from multiple departments and companies to exchange messages, see who is doing what and to participate in the tasks involved.

  • Model projects

    Model projects allow you to standardise the lists and methodology used by other projects. For example, you can define a list of preferred data types or systems when users are mapping their processing activities.

    Every item in a model project can be fully populated with relevant information, saving valuable time when the data is reviewed further down the line.

  • Multiple projects

    Sypher Suite allows you to have oversight of a number of compliance projects at once, showing progress and outstanding tasks at any one time.

  • Multi-language interface

    Sypher Suite is a multi-language platform where users can work and enter data in the language required by the local data protection authority. Reports, however, can be exported in your preferred language.

  • Active Directory/LDAP authentication

    You can use LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol) to authenticate end users who access Sypher Suite with a directory server such as Microsoft Active Directory, OpenLDAP or Azure Active Directory. Secure LDAP, also known as 'Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) over Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) / Transport Layer Security (TLS)' is also supported.

    LDAP authentication is one of the most commonly used approaches in enterprise grade applications. LDAP is used as central repository for user information and applications will connect to this repository for user searches and authentication.


3D Mapping validator

You can’t analyse the compliance for an activity that hasn’t yet been identified. Or disclose a data transfer you don’t know about.

Our validation engine combines and analyses information from multiple sources and standpoints to help identify common data mapping errors and omissions and to provide suggestions.

Key Features

  • Data mapping validator

    Questionnaires and interviews will only show what the people answering them know or remember. That’s not reassuring when your entire GDPR compliance analysis depends on them.

    Our proprietary validation engine combines and analyses information from multiple different sources to help identify common errors and omissions and to provide mapping suggestions.

  • GDPR logic module

    GDPR projects are often complex and difficult to manage. This makes them prone to mistakes.

    Sypher Suite uses a custom developed GDPR logic module to split the analysis process into multiple layers and smaller parts that are much easier to understand and use correctly.

    It also shows context relevant recommendations and validation. Further, it keeps track of the dependencies that need to be completed in order to finish the formal review of a processing activity.

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Robust review and change management

Sypher Suite’s inbuilt change and review management system ensures that everything that goes into your GDPR documentation is verified and evaluated on a regular basis.

This system shows you exactly what information needs to be reviewed, notifies the compliance team when relevant changes are detected and ensures that all information is correct and up to date.

Key Features

  • DPO dashboard

    The place to see, search, order by status or risk score, check the progress and allocate each data processing activity that requires attention.

  • Formal review process

    With so many people submitting and changing information on a regular basis it’s easy to lose track of what has been approved or not. Sypher is designed to ensure that every change in certain key areas gets through a review and approval process.

  • Project validation dashboard

    Someone went on annual leave and forgot to finish the mapping? A new contract with a company never made it into the documentation? This is where you can identify and rectify any potential issues before they become a problem.

  • Registry versioning

    Your data mapping and documentation will need periodic revisiting and occasional updates. We make it easy to schedule review reminders and we also keep a history of previous project versions. This means you can chose any previous version and export the data story as it looked at that specific moment in time.

  • Risk scoring

    Do you need to do a DPIA or not? When reviewing an activity the platform will show the risk factors and risk score (based on WP 248 rev.01).

  • Track changes

    Get detailed reports that show you exactly what was changed and where. Furthermore, whether the change was made by a business user and if it requires special attention.

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Smart monitoring

The platform will notify activity owners when relevant changes are detected, show them what's new and even reopen documents that need updating. It’s that simple!

Key Features

  • Risk monitoring

    In a sea of changes, how do you know where to look?

    Sypher Suite monitors data entered or updated by users to detect any changes to any known risk profile and automatically reopens the impacted activities for review.

  • Review rules

    Define standard or custom review intervals for processing activities, systems, contracts or any other important project information.

  • Smart documents

    Create information notices that monitor your records of processing activities, detect relevant changes, reopen, notify the person responsible and show them the content that requires updating.

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Significantly better than spreadsheets

Sypher Suite generates searchable real-time visual maps of your activities, creates records of processing activities and exports them into a customisable PDF or spreadsheet form.

Key Features

  • Registry configurator

    Customise record processing information to fit the requirements of your local data processing authority or your internal organisational needs.

  • Multiple registry formats

    Export the records in spreadsheet form or as a PDF. Custom formats are also available upon request for private cloud or ’on-premises’ installations.

  • Visual maps

    Trying to understand how you use personal data by reading a spreadsheet is like driving by looking at a list of GPS coordinates.

    Visual maps show you simply how data flows inside your company. They are also fully interactive, allowing you to search, edit and update in real time.

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Integrated data subjects request manager (DSRM)

Missing the deadline for a data subject request is a sure way to generate an official complaint.

The DSRM module tracks all open requests and notifies you if the deadline is approaching.

Key Features

  • Customisable DSRM flows

    Allows you to define custom specific steps to be completed when processing a data subject request, for each type of request.

  • Fully integrated

    Any requests made will use the lists of data subjects identified in your current data mapping. They are also integrated with the rest of the documentation allowing you to filter and export your records of processing activities specifically for the type of data subject selected.

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Easy to use

Many people hate filling out long surveys and questionnaires. It takes a lot of time and often they simply don’t know the answers.

Our friendly mapping interface breaks the questionnaires in smaller parts, provides examples and suggestions and asks only for information that can usually be provided quickly and easily.

Sypher Suite also requires less training and less time, making it easier to involve other departments.

Key Features

  • Guided mapping

    Many associates hate filling out GDPR questionnaires. It’s time consuming and often they simply don’t know the answers. Our user-friendly mapping interface provides examples and suggestions and asks only for information that can usually be provided quickly and easily, leaving any additional details to be filled in later, if necessary, with help from the compliance team.

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Bespoke and migration friendly

One size doesn’t fit all. We offer ’on-premises’ and private cloud installations that can be configured to better match your particular requirements.

And there is no need to start again from scratch. Our team and partners can help you to easily import your existing spreadsheets and documentation into Sypher Suite.

Key Features

  • API tools

    Push and pull information from your ERP or other software directly into the platform.

  • Customisable GDPR logic

    Add or remove fields, change which information is mandatory, modify questions etc. It's all possible with a private cloud or ‘on-premises’ installation.

  • Export/import tools

    Migration to and from the platform is easier with the inbuilt export and import tools that allow you to process and extract the information in spreadsheet form.

  • Private instances

    Choose between single tenant platform instances in the cloud or install it on your own internal infrastructure.

  • Questionnaire generator module

    Create bespoke, print friendly questionnaires, with an easy to use interface.